Blender 2.44 and 2.45

I made a project in 2.44 and when I tried to change the multires object from 6 to any lower number the thing crashes. I don’t have blender 2.44 installed any more so I don’t know if downgrading blender is going to fix this or not – its probably work downloading it and trying. Anyone else notice something like this?

yea you should downgrading to blender 2.41 it better or down the ne blender2.45 changed the physice bullet enging to sumo enging it like blender 2.41 awesome do some test

In the settings turn off undo steps down to zero and turn of global undo when you change levels.

blender crashed probably because you ran out of memory, how much RAM do you have?


I’ll give those other steps a go in a little bit

well, thats why you have to do what hunter551 said… :wink: because the undo can eat up lots of ram when sculpting with mutlires… :stuck_out_tongue:

allso what os? remember that by default winXP 32 bits limits memory usage per app to 1.5 gigs