Blender 2.44 - Can't bake

I’m using sculpt in multires = 9, SSS in the material… when I try to bake only AO fails (with the other options too only texture, normals, full, etc.).

Press F in the model, UnWrap, then I put a Texture (grid or only color), If Press ALT+Z I can see the texture on the mesh.

Pressing CTRL+ALT+B… and blender say me “No images found to bake it” :spin:

After that the UVTexture dissappear from the mesh. :eek:


In your first screenshot, the object does not seem to be selected. This will give the “No image found” error.

However I have found that render baking in 2.43 and 2.44 is very unreliable - sometimes it works, sometimes no, even if I’ve done exactly the same steps. The default checkerboard grid image seems to break baking every time, so I never use it. For AO the most reliable workflow for me is to unwrap, go Image->New in the UV window (do NOT touch UV Test Grid) to get the default black Return to Object mode to ensure the object is still selected (it sometimes get unselected for mysterious reasons) and bake AO to the default black image.

CD38, did you post this UV Test Grid bug in the bugtracker?