blender 2.44 won't run with dual monitors

This morning I got a second monitor for my computer. I now have a 24 inch wide format display at 1920 x 1200 pixels and a 19 inch running at 1280 x 1024. My graphics card is a Radeon 9800 with DVI and VGA outs. The big display is getting DVI.

I got the latest version of drivers from ATI, set the two displays to extend across a single desktop and rebooted my computer.

Everything is very cool except for the fact that blender will not start now. It ran fine yesterday on the 24 inch display, but doesn’t seem to like having a second display hooked up.

Here is the “error signature” windows gives:

AppName: blender.exe AppVer: ModName: atioglxx.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00302e67

Has anybody got advice on how to get blender going with both screens?

Blender works great on dual monitors using my NVIDIA card.I’ve got dual 19" at 1600x1200 each, for a total of 3200x1200 pixels of pure 32-bit enjoyment. Daughter says I win the prize for coolest computer in the house.

PLEASE CHANGE THE TITLE OF YOUR POST TO: How do I get Blender to use two monitors

instead of making a false statement about Blender. thx.

It seems to be another ATI issue with blender. In this thread there is possible workaround for it:

Edit: You can download the file they are talking about in that thread (FGLMAX.dll renamed to atioglxx.dll) from here

I had read that post a long time ago but forgot about it.
Thanks for reminding me- it worked perfectly.

What is it about ATI hardware that conflicts so badly with Blender? Again and again in this forum, if there is a hardware problem, nine times out of ten it is due to an ATI graphic card.

Yeah, that’s why I won’t buy anything but NVidia…

it’s not Blender specifically, it is OpenGL. which is a competitor to DirectX. which is owned by Microsoft. Guess which video chips are used in Xbox?

Please change the title of this post, something like “The basic ATI OpenGL support
is unable to display blender on dual monitor configs”.

or to “ATI sucks at OpenGL drivers” :wink: