blender 2.44

iwo “this importer requires a full python install”
what the heck is this all about now???

You have to install the latest version of python

Somebody PLEASE lead me thru that site! where do i download what and what do i do with the download so blender can find it! Windows XP
never had to do that before - so what is the problem that i have to download it now.

hi anon125,
with what script/importer do you work?
Only a few scripts really need full python installation.
Probably you miss the “” in your Blender’s install directory. (fault in 2.44 win32-distro)
You can get it from 2.45 version for win32.

A full python install is not really that big to justify this as the reason for not downloading the whole thing. Expand your mind anon…download all of python and when you do get around to using…really LEARN to use it. Python is an incredibly easy computer language to learn because its one of the only ones that will create source that resembles something you’d be able to read. My wife knows nothing about computers, besides turning it off and on, and even she can read and have a vague understanding of what my programs do…now that’s impressive.

"with what script/importer do you work? "
thanks but i don’t know what that means.
if i download 2.45 will that work with iwo importing?

i must agree with you. :slight_smile:

i don’t know iwo importer. in 2.45 may be the same problem.
I suggest you to install 2.45, and if still problems then install full python 2.5.1
from here:

install instruction here:

Installed 2.45
that worked
thanks all for your welcome help