Blender 2.45 does nothing!

I have downloaded Blender 2.45, after unpacking it, tried to run it. Then…nothing! No error, no whatsoever. What could be wrong? I tried it on 2 Ubuntu machines (Feisty), the other one has working NVIDIA graphics driver and the other one has ATI graphic card. Both machines do nothing. Just looking at me blankly :smiley:

Start Blender from a console adding the -d option. It stands for ‘debug’ and will give you a maximum of information.
You’ll get message that blender looked for this or that library and didn’t find it. Seach a name similar to that in Synaptic and install that package.
There should be two or three libraries missing.


I did what you said. Yes, there is this missing library. The error I get was this:

“error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

How can I fix this?

Oops! Don’t bother. Already fixed this error. Thank you IamInnocent.