Blender 2.45 - no sound

I’ve downloaded the “almost official” 2.45 and there’s no sound in the Game Engine under Debian/GNU/Linux
2.44 worked fine?!
Anyone in the same conditions?

Drat. My linux partition is broken.

I also had sound problems with the (windows) 2.44 version.

I did not know Liunx version had sound in the game engine at all.
I hope so, it would be very cool to be able to make a cross platform game with the BGE.
I wonder if the MAC version has sound now too?

I will try 2.44 at work (I will test 2.45 too), that will be tomorrow morning.

yes I got the same problem, 2.44 is working with sound, not 2.45 … ( on linux ubuntu feisty) - hope they’ll correct it before “official release” …

yep I got 2.44 with windows vista and the sound play like 1 time of 10

I have used blender about 2 years and i have always got sound on linux.

I can’t get any sound.
But then Blender wont start either!

However, I’ve just installed Ubuntu Feisty and have absolutely no idea how to get any version of Blender running!


Synaptic package manager (is it called right? where you can download and install programs? was a while since I was on Ubuntu) and search for blender.

with synaptic you won’t have the last version, only the one that was official at the time Feisty was build … the best is always to compile from source, or to download the build from, … It’s strange that no version can’t start 'cos I’ve never had that kind of problem with ubuntu.
Filt3r, are you sure your feisty was correctly installed, and that your video driver is ok? (always the same with new card or proprietary drivers like ATI’s … look for “envy” script for easy install).
Check also the sound output : it must be Alsa for good mixing with other sources (like gnome desktop + sound player + … + blender)

I’ve never had any problems with sound, except that my sound effects were crappy.

My video works. I have the 3D desktop and the old blender 2.43 runs like a dream.

wow … strange … for me it works but I still got no sound with the official 2.45 release … :confused:

Ok, now, sound works in new files!
When loading “old” files, sound only works if I unpack the file?!

ok you’re right it works like this … ! but the sound is bad like said in the other thread … :confused:
and Filt3r, maybe it’s the use of the 3D desktop that pose problem, I always had that kind of conflict in earlier version so I decided not to use any fancy effect on my system… just the classic gnome… try disable it maybe …

Interesting… maybe is something related to the “append” function rewrite… i guess they integrated sound for this version (correcting load thingies)… Just a though…