Blender 2.45 officialy released :-)

It has just been officially released out :slight_smile:


Download here:

Release notes here:

(And for full picture there is some sneak snap for candy that has been left for next:
Quite pity it is not in this 2.45, I was hoping it would be finally included as some kind of surpprice. So wait for Christmass or grab SVN at

Thank to all coders!!! No immediate “Wishes for post 2.4x version” thread please … :-/

beautiful splash image, and thanks for every coding contributor!

that skinning thing is awesome :evilgrin:

awesome…congrats blender team.

I can’t manage to ue the heat thingie :frowning: It doesn’t show up as an option…

Note: Just saw the “left in for next” part…

the heat thing is available only when u r in weight mode and the bone is selected, then press w and choose it from two options.
before going to weight paint model skeleton should be in pose mode. hope it helps:)

Once again, those features are not in 2.45, you will need to use SVN for that. 2.45 is identical to 2.44 + bug fixes only!

Btw, if you post any kind of nudity, there must be a warning in the topic - which you cannot do because you’re not the author of this thread --> no nudity.

Fixed vector blur…yeepee! :slight_smile:

Anyone else having trouble getting the latest from the SVN? I’ve cleaned, deleted, all that fun stuff, and yet every time I update and build, the splash is 2.44 and the about states 2.44.3.

(I’m running the particle code rewrite. I should try building without that…)

Any thoughts would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yep, that was it. Removed the Particle build, and 2.45 is here! SWEET! :smiley: Now I’m going to miss my particles, though. :frowning:

goodguy20k: It is possible that the particle branch hasn’t merged recent changes to the main branch to it yet. You might want to check out the main branch as well.

That is what my guess is as well. Even though the revisions match up, branch to trunk, and vice versa… Oh well, this just got released! I can wait until things get matched up. :wink: Thanks, though!

[email protected]:~/blender-2.45-linux-glibc236-py25-i386$ ./blender
./blender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


You need to install OpenAL for your distribution.

Do what I do and run two different builds…