Blender 2.45 & SVN Transparency Question

Hello Everyone,

I just downloaded the latest SVN from I opened an existing file and have a question regarding transparency settings. In the first pic below, you see the material settings for a window from Blender 2.45. In 2.45, very little changes in the material preview when changing from Ray to Z transparency.

In the second pic, (same file opened in SVN), you see the window appears black when using Ray transparency. It renders this way to, as if there is no transparency. If I change to Z transparency, the material preview looks as I would expect.

I notice there are additional buttons for the new options, but can someone clue me in as to which button I’m missing that will allow ray transparency?

Thanks in advance.


It seems the current SVN raytraced reflections/refractions are not compatible with old files. You have to remake the material from scratch.


I wasn’t buying it, so I kept pushing the buttons. As it turns out, a glass like material from earlier versions picks up a default value of 0 for the number of samples rather than the 18 samples that is used as a default when creating new materials in SVN. As soon as I increased the number of samples, the preview and render are what I would expect.

Cool. That helps a lot.

Lol, I wish I had known this a couple weeks ago working on a project! I had thought the same thing egan had, that the whole material had to be remade.

Yeah, this was a problem with the old file conversion, since the glossy stuff was added in SVN in version 2.44, then 2.45 was released without the new features, and now SVN is using 2.45 version number. That confused the whole backwards compatibility file loading code, but it’s fixed in current SVN. Downloading a new svn build should go fine.


Excellent, I will download tonight. Thanks for your hard work on this!