Blender 2.46-2.49 Viewport Shading FUBAR after deleting texture


I modeled a fair number of meshes, unaware that I was modeling them from a “mother” cube that used a texture image I wasn’t going to use any more.

So I changed the material on them to the (textureless) material I intended for them ans then even went to the UV window and x-ed the images.

Now they render fine and but they show as shadeless white in textured mode, even thoufgh there’s no texture left.

2 hours of work lost.

Can anyone help me?



-Update: Completely new project, zero textures anywhere at all, reimported everything from scratch ,soldi view nice, textured view messed up.

Getting ready to do it all again - brilliant!

-Update 2, exported offending objects to 3ds, no luck.

-Blender 2.49, no luck.


Got it to work (mostly) by reimporting as “raw”…Phew. :smiley: Had to give up one mesh though but hey!

That’ll teach me to have second thoughts about a texture in Blender again.

Probably what happened was that, although you removed the material, UV map was still there for that building. If you leave any UV definition on your object, object will go white like your screen shot if you have Textured View Port shading. Rendered image will be as it should be.

This is the fuzzy organization I never liked between object and UV map. It is hard to tell if object have UV map on it or not. And there is no “UV remove” button!

Thanks ridix!

I think this one goes a little deeper than that (ie into bug territory). The project I reimported the meshes to didn’t have a texture anywhere, not on the materials, not in the drop down menu in “UV”, yet the viewport shading in textured mode was acting up like in my screenshots.

I agree, UV shading in blender 2.4x isn’t exactly straightforward. It’s much better in 2.5 but I’m not keen on the fly and sculpt modes in 2.5… but then it’s still in Alpha I believe.

But anyway I was able to solve it by exporting to .raw. That did away with it.