Blender 2.46 Apricot branch 15297, June 21- Real time shadow goodness ++Linux version

this project has been discontinued thanks to the lack of moderation with my artwork.


does this work through copies of mesh? or what? and does it eat up Frame Rate?

Hey…it doesn’t work. all i did was opened the blender with the green symbol, used the cube, on subdivided plane, with lamp. no work :frowning:

I narrowed down the node material bug, nodes work, it’s just the mix node that doesn’t work.

Brecht should be able to fix the mix node, as for the spotlamp, in my game it only doesn’t work in camera view.

Sammaron, i added a tutorial to the first post :slight_smile:

Dont use teh default lamp, and make a spotlight… also the things you want to cast shadows on needs to have a material and a texture assigned to it.

Thanks for the bughunting work Cyborg Dragon, I have yet to even play with the node. After I do the linux builds i am going to spend some"quality time" with this :slight_smile:

An even more narrow set of circumstances where the spots don’t work. As I found, in fact, the only case I know of where spots don’t work.

Cool CD,

I just found out that they have not added IPO color changes to the game engine yet either.

I made a quick test file, for those of you who want to just see it in action, without making your own scene.:

Enjoy everyone!

Thank you for that fresh builds M!

I guess the low number of replyes to this post is because everyone is enjoying the new toy :wink:


You are definatly welcome Thorgal :slight_smile:

I guess the low number of replyes to this post is because everyone is enjoying the new toy

And who could blame them, I just called in sick to work :smiley:
This is worth missing a days wages for me .

I agree with Thorgal, thank you for the builds and the test file…simply amazing, kudos to the programmers and the builders :wink: :smiley:

About the mix node and spots with camera being parented make sure Brecht knows about these bugs, he could probably fix them in an hour.:yes:

Crash on win XP + Ati (mobility radeon x600) :

GPUFramebuffer: frame buffer incomplete error 36054 incomplete attachment

I guess my pixel shader support is too old… :frowning:

this does not works for me
gef7800, winxp
it renders all in pink

ah now works!
but I dont know why

thanks for all the hard work, just thought you guys would like to know that I tested it on my laptop with its Geforce 700M GPU and the GLSL crashes but only when I press P. I’m my desktop though I think it’s all good.

Performance is great btw. I’m pleased and impressed guys.

Nevermind about the crashing I was using a Intel build on an AMD processor. xD Now with the vanilla build it works perfectly fine.

I just found layer lamps don’t work, Brecht should be able to fix this, he does and I don’t have to worry about problems for my cheaper solution for shadows (which is using a parented spotlamp pointing in a downward direction from the player)

No mac build!?!?! :frowning:

Hi masser, i have OSX running in VMware, i will see what I can do for you :slight_smile:

Just added the linux builds for 64bit linux

it does not work for me.
heres what it looks like after i press play in your test file. is it meant to look like this?
and the blender thing (the black box that has writing in it when you open blender it comes open first in a seperate program) keeps going through hundreds of lines of things then at the end says something like 'fragment shader<s> failed to link, vertex shader<s> linked.
its goes through the hundreds of lines of stuff really quickly then stop for about 3 seconds then goes through the lines again

Hi fishcakes,

You have either found a bug, or your graphics GPU is not supported.
I think there will be a bug fix commit tomorrow sometime, when it happens, I will build it and post it here.

Be sure to try it in the Vanilla version’s I posted here. Some people are having problems with the optimized versions.

my video card is : ATi Radeon x300se
i tried the vanilla version and the same thing occured, didnt work:no: