Blender 2.46- one niggling question

Hey Blenderers

One of the little functions I liked, when UV unwrapping, was the way you could select sections of your mesh that were contained within a marked seam using the L Key.

Since with the latest version of Blender you use Edit mode instead of UV edit mode, I was wondering if this is still possible? Does Blender allow you to select portions of your mesh that are contained within some seams that you’ve marked?


Hello there Harry,
The short answer is yes, you can still select linked UV nodes. Simply hover the mouse over the area you want to select and press “L”. The “L” selection is now conditional upon the proximity of your mouse cursor, it is no longer conditional upon which node/vertex is selected!

Interesting, I didn’t even know you could do that. Thanks.:wink:

By the way, in case you didn’t know, the LKEY can select linked vertices or faces or edges as well in edit mode.

The short answer is yes, you can still select linked UV nodes.
Thanks for the reply mate. But perhaps I should have phrased my question a bit better.
What you used to be able to do in Blender (In UV edit mode, in the 3d View, window) was mark out the seams on your model and then, in UV edit mode, you could hover your mouse over a marked part of the model, hit L, and select all the polys contained within that marked seam. Very useful if you only want to view one polygon patch in the UV Image Editor window.

You could do this is UV edit mode, but not in Edit mode. This hasn’t changed in the latest version of Blender but what has changed is that you use Edit mode (3d View window) in conjunction with the UV Image Editor window. So, in the 3d View window, is there a different way to select polygons as mentioned above?
I don’t suppose there is…

wow, I didn’t know about the whole “L” key link thing! One cool thing I learned is that if you hold alt and click a vertice, it selects a loop of vertices…REALLY helpful.

It is VERY useful. It works for vertices, edges AND faces. also you can press CTRL + ALT to select rings. :smiley:

Hello. It´s possible, don’t worry!
If you change to Face select, in Edit Mode, and if you press the L key you will select the faces within the marked seam.


Brilliant. :cool: :evilgrin: :cool: