Blender 2.46 Problem

Today i tried rendering my animations as i just upgraded to 2.46 and it freezes when i click the render button, it just says “preparing scene” and then a minute later it says it’s not responding and i have to force quit. I tried reinstalling it but that didn’t help, then i downgraded to 2.45 and says that it just made in newer codec and loss of data will occur so then everything is all tweaked! Anyone have any suggestions?:spin:

Have you tried giving it more time than just a minute? Sometimes Blender jams up pretty bad when you’re doing something really heavy(becomes non responsive), but once it gets the really heavy stuff done it starts working again. This happened to me last time I tried AAO in really heavy scene, my computer got stuck for half an hour but after that it rendered the scene just fine. You can check if Blender is doing anything from Task Manager or some other program you might be using for checking out processes.

It it possible though that there’s some sort of a bug in there, but I suggest you try giving it more time first and then think of other alternatives.

i’ve tried both of those, i let it run for an hour, still frozen and then went to task manager and it said non-responsive… maybe i’ll just recreate the scene?:frowning:

Maybe your scene is too complicated.

What are your computer specs? They may be the problem. Does it happen with just one .blend file or all of them?

I know it’s a Pentium IV Proccessor, 512 MB ram… bascially it’s outdated, i’m gonna get a new laptop soon with a Duel Core Proccesor, Geforce 8800 GTS and 3GB ram… man i cannot wait. And the scene was just a rabbit with fur, similer to the Buck Bunny one…

Are you possibly running a 64 bit OS?

I’ve got the “freeze” problem too - all since the release of 2.46 + svn versions,
I’ve reported this to the bug tracker 14 days ago…but it’s still in there with
no confirmations, judging the downloads of the 64 bits version - not a lot
of people use 64 bit’s os…and heavy modelling so it doesn’t seem like a priority
these days.

For me - this is a total showstopper, and I’ve been forced back onto the 32 bit
windows platform in order to get the jobs done…unfortunately with only 3 gb
support though as this is all 32 bit can handle…

512 MB of RAM can easily be filled if you’re using particles. How many parent and children particles do you have in your scene? How many vertices? Are you using Ambient Occlusion? What were the dimensions of your render?

I shot out my first animation today… and it was in 2.46 on my laptop. Granted, there’s no fur in my scene, but I did get valid output. What video format did you choose to save in? I’ve had ParticleIllusion crash on me when using DivX/Xvid Codec…