Blender 2.46 RC1 Animation Bug

I found another bug, which seems to appear in 2.46 RC1.
It is hard to describe so i created video of this.
The Mesh is deforming in a strange way.

I was doing the mancandy FAQ walkcircle tutorial and there it happens using 2.46 RC1.
So i opened the same file in Blender 2.45 and everything works fine.
The first scene shows how its playbacked with Blender 2.45 and the second one how its played in 2.46 RC1 and again it is the same file.

UPDATE: I completely forgot to say where this happned! ^^. So after creating the walkcircle, which consists of a single, but complete step, i duplicated this step in the NLA Editor with the Repeat Value and the torso of the rig as the OffsetBone. The “Repeats” of this single steps are deformed.

So here is the Video:

Have you submitted this issue to the bug tracker (

I’ve checked it and it seems, that someone else already put it in.

It would be great to sort or group items by categories in the tracker.

EDIT: I’ve checked some of the animation brought with the Mancandy FAQ and they don’t work properly anymore.
The mouth for example always stays open in RC1.