Blender 2.46rc RELEASED!!!!

It has a whole lot more of functions!
Bug fixes, realtime parent, 2d effects in GE, bone parenting, and alot more!:D:D

Yay, I’ll try it out!

You probably wanted to say that

RC 5 is out

i’m going to wait for an official release. i’m a noob and wont know if it’s a bug or just me. i would hate to figgure out how to do something just to find out it’s the wrong way and i cant do it anymore. been there done that with aiml.

At RC 5, major design changes are probably out the window. I think you are safe to download this and start having a play with the new features. :eyebrowlift: :yes:

Fun times ahead! Gives me something to do over the weekend. :slight_smile:

Downloading. Gotta try the particles on this one.

[edit: Oh, cool. Am I mistaken, or is this a Plumiferos character in the splash?]

Whats a .md5sum?



md5sum is a crytpography program that calcs, checks and verifies 128 bit md5 hashes. Basically it’s a verification system for your file, nothing more nothing less. And nothing to seriously worry about unless your getting checksum errors as well. Just redownload the proggy that gave your the md5sum error and it will usually resolve the issue. If it doesn’t check your system for checksum errors, if you come up with any checksum errors flash your BIOS and try redownloading the file again.

What are you talking about? You should never ever have to do such a thing on a faulty md5sum. A corrupted download is the most common reason, but failing hardware I find hard to believe. Flashing BIOS has nothing to do with this, afaik.


I’d downloading it right now.

What the…:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

What’s this about 2D effects in the Game Engine? I couldn’t find anything in the release logs about it. :spin:

Wahoo! :slight_smile: I have RC3, so I’ll probably wait until the official release for this one. It’s just a few more days, after all.

2D Filter, Game Engine

No, that’s a BBB character.

what is BBB ! thanks

Peach! Big Buck Bunny. try the project page samas

To access them, just set up logic bricks like so:
Always------>And-------->2D Filter
You can always switch the “Always” to a keyboard toggle, so you can see the pretty effects whenever you want.

Also, YAY! I can’t wait to try this out!