Blender 2.47 (Win) not all it's cracked up to be!

Well, in 2.46 I overcame the problems of rendering BBB on my Windows machines but in 2.47 - it just won’t render but crashes instead. So I took the same project and loaded it into 2.46 on the same machine and it rendered just fine - so much for the bug fix release…

In 2.47 it renders fine on my iMac but I haven’t tried 2.47 on the LINUX partition as yet…



What’s the last message in the console before the crash?

If it’s “Malloc return nil: …”, that means you’re out of memory and there’s nothing Blender can do. It’s not a bug per se, just a higher memory usage in 2.47 than 2.46 and that gets over your allocation limit and kills the program.


I understand your frustration all the better since I just filled in two bug reports but you are painting Blender with quite a large brush in your title.
If you can repeat the crash consistently make a bug report with the guilty file attached, the minutiae of you system and the procedure to follow, step by step, to replicate the crash.
As a matter of fact, you could have done that here and received some useful feedback in return.
<edit> Then again, maybe the bug tracker will come to you. </edit>

Good luck


I should someday create a Linux partition, that way I can actually use all my 4 gigs of RAM. and still have my Windows XP.

I remember reading it as Calloc returns nill. I personally call it in the Calloc Returns Nills of DEATH

I also encountered the Calloc Returns nills problem recently with a big scene using a lot of Hair particle for grass.
I used a Blender version with LAA enabled and the " /3GB" parameter added to the boot.ini file to get my render done.

Yes - it’s the Malloc error. It’s crashing with a memory requirement of 1.3Gb in 2.47 and rendering with a 1.3Gb memory requirement in 2.46. So are you saying newer versions of blender are going to take more and more available memory - at what point will it cease to render anything in Windows?

I have 4Gb RAM and used the 3Gb switch to get it to render in 2.46. Tests in 2.46 have shown that I can now render images well over this mark before it crashes.

My concern is that, for a ‘bug fix’ release, one would expect anything that rendered in 2.46 to render just as well in 2.47! It’s not - so what else is impacted?

Ah, I think I didn’t compile the official 2.47 release with LAA this time around (didn’t remember). Sorry, 'bout that :slight_smile: This should be the “only” difference between 2.46 and 2.47. My bad.



They made it so you no longer need to re-partition, at least for some distros which can install and run over looped filesystems (that is, using a large file in one of your existing partitions as ‘disk space’.) This of course involves some performance penalty), but if the live option isn’t flexible enough for you, then you might wanna try this.

Or just install VirtualBox (I just did, works nicely).

Anyway, I’ll rebuild the official release today to make sure it is aware of large addresses :slight_smile:


Heh. Good old Nils. He’s quite the party pooper, isn’t he? He shows up without an invitation, nobody is his friend, and he just butts in at the most inopportune moment, interrupts the conversations, and basically does all the wrong things to make everybody miserable. I’m sure he doesn’t mean to be that way, but that’s just the way he is. Oh, and he never really helps you at all, just tells you what you can’t do.

How will we know if/when the rebuild has been done?

The official build doesn’t change between releases, obviously, or they wouldn’t be official releases now, would they? But there are versions on GraphicAll that are variants and maybe you’ll find your happiness there. Or you can learn to build Blender and have it running ideally on your machine. The increase in speed alone is worth the trouble.

Well when Nathan says:
“Anyway, I’ll rebuild the official release today to make sure it is aware of large addresses :)”

What does this mean - GraphicAll? I can’t see any new BF releases there yet.



That means that he must be feeling quite bad. It is a first to my knowledge.

Nathan can put it right into download from I guess. I wonder how those concerned will be advised of the change in that case though but I am certainly not worried, he’ll let you know.

Really you should try to build your own Blender. I am far from being a programmer and I find the process quite easy with a little reading here and there.


Where does one start?

For Windows ?
This seems pretty decent and up-to-date enough.
Once you’ve succeeded go for his advanced tutorial.


I still need to upload to and make some kind of announcement :slight_smile:


Good thing blender does not need to be sold.
“Sorry your Maya 2009 does not render your Maya 2008 scenes any more”
But lets not call that a bug shall we, we might upset some programmers.

Well, I got some big extrude problems in 2.47… so I’m not using it, making it a waist of all our time to compile this version in the first place.

you’re one of the last person to whom I should be asking this but : did you report that bug ? Is it solved ? You could take advantage of the fact that Ton & co are on a bug crunching binge these days. I had three (four if you count one preemptive attack by Theeth) killed this and last week.

As for your Maya example that would be a lack of backward compatibility. Blender has been quite good for me in that respect for the last few years. Only recently is it that versions 2.45 and lower won’t start if the .B.blend was generated with 2.46 and higher.
Keeping with Maya I am not aware that they are that quick at releasing debug versions…

One thing I always wondered : why aren’t there patches that we could apply against the current official releases when a bug is corrected ? It would make Blender evolve in between releases nicely and we could end up with a rock solid version at the end of a cycle. If the debugging goes only to SVN part of this is lost, or so it seems to me.

The Malloc error is affecting me, as well, and not just for rendering. Sometimes it also hits me if I’m doing something like switching to a layer with a lot of UV-mapped objects or trying to replace a UV-mapped image. I’d greatly appreciate it if it were fixed and everyone were notified! =)