Blender 2.48 + FeatureVideos + iMac Leo


curious, i start to discover new tings coming with 2.48.

i went in to Blender feature Videos and click on the movie examples: Cloth, Game engine, Displace modifier, Softbodies, Sculpt Mode. Nothing happen, no vides show up.
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I thought i have everything I need to open up every kind of videos. Quick Time Pro, VLC, DivX Player, Real Player and Media Player. Im use a iMac Leopard Intel

this is wath happen when I download

Do you have any advice wath to do.

thank you.


They are working for me, but very slowly - I imagine they are seeing quite a bit of traffic.

Thank you OBI_Ron. Computer ar somtims crasy.

After I reloaded the videos for the 10 times it work fine.

New frustrating experience.