Blender 2.48 Issue D:

Well, i have been able to deal with it for a while its become a huge hassle, well the issue is with pretty much any version of Blender - it screws up.

Basically when i’m doing something in blender if its modeling of game design, a number of things happen at random times, when i have textures applied to meshes, they get all distorted, shadeless and when i move the view, it distorts and bends the texture, it does the same in my game but all the normal maps get jacked up as well, and none of the untextured objects show. and when i press escape to end my game, it takes a second for all the objects and things to show up. please help me because whenever it happens i have to reopen blender and its a real hassle D: thanks a lot in advance


A few things would be very helpful in figuring out the problem

  • Can you provide a screen shot?
  • Are you using glsl?
  • Do you have the latest drivers for you graphics card?
  • What is your graphics card?

That should help get things started at least.


This is before that glitch happens.

This is after. (in a different spot because of the spotlight.)

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. ATI Raedon x700 Graphics Card.

  4. And if it helps, i’m using Windows Vista Ultimate

Oh and another thing, my realtime shadows aren’t working with or without the glitch. T_T

Wow, that is strange. Are you using 2.48 or 2.48a? There were some bugs with the initial release of 2.48, but I’m not sure what they were. Also, do you still get these issues when you use “Texture Face Materials” or “Blender Multitexture Materials” instead of “Blender GLSL Materials”?

Maybe it’s because you have an ATI :frowning: Some of those are very cool cards, they NEED to fix these glitches as soon as possible.

Yeah. it does it for all the materials. and i have 2.48a. this sucks D: i guess i have to deal with it cause i have a game design competition for my school and im going to join :smiley:

Talk to the guys at the #blendercoders irc channel. They may know more about the issue. Or, maybe you should visit the bug tracker first:

Thanks. i’ll try that.