Blender 2.48 Python API

Where I can find the latest blender pyton API for version 2.48… can’t seems to find them nowhere… even google for them no result is it just me or?

Im usually finding the latest one here:

But its already been a few days and no update some have another site to refer to me?


The API at official site seems to work just fine. You can find it at .

Allright got it… will update my bookmark for the future :wink:


Hummmmm they new parameters in the Logic panel have not been added? Like anisotropic and margin? And how can I get the rotation damping and damping properties?

You should perhaps empty your web buffer, the site has been updated last wednesday (2008/10/15) and today with the last SVN modifs.

Ouppppss ma’bad… however how can I get from python the following values:

  1. Damping
  2. Rotation Damping
  3. Margin
  4. Anisotropic XYZ

From the Logic panel? Cuz I REALLY can’t find that in the docs… is there a reason why theses params are not accessible from python?

only rbmass, rbflags, rbshapes and rbRadius is available… where’s the rest… are they somewhere else than in object, cuz it look to me consistent to continue with the rb??? naming convention in object…

The gamelogic part has been upgraded too :

updated again : I have added the renderlayer module.

As a quick note, since a day or two, everybody can have BPy and BGE docs easily build if they build Blender from sources too.

Make sure you build using SCons as your build tool. Then also install epydoc (and Python of course :wink: ) and you just do ‘scons WITH_BF_DOCS=1’.

Upon completion you’ll have fresh docs in BF_DOCDIR which by default points to …/install/doc from the blender root source directory.


Thank you, jesterKing, that is very useful. I always forget to build the docs manually.