blender 2.48 ubuntu 8.10 compilation issues


i’ve recently run into problems with compilation blender 2.48 form svn on ubuntu intrepid ibex.

on hardy, all i needed to to to compile blender, was to install nvidia-glx-dev package, compile, and remove the package (with nvidia-glx) to get my intel gma945 Direct Rendering working.

now with new kernel and weird nvidia dependencies in kernel, i had to do some cleaning, as i could not hold the nvidia packages on my laptop.

now, the problem i am having is

Compiling ==> 'buildinfo.c'
scons: *** Implicit dependency `/usr/lib/' not found, needed by target `/home/eidam/Software/blender_svn/build/linux2/bin/blender'.  Stop.
scons: building terminated because of errors.

and i do not know what to do, as libglu1-mesa-dev, which should provide file, but all i get is

-rw-r--r--   1 root root   697826 2008-10-22 05:54 libGLU.a
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root root       11 2008-11-10 15:09 ->

which does not solve my problem.

any ideas how to get blender compiled?

any help is very appreciated.

allright, i reinstalled libgl1-mesa-dev and i can get through the error.

but what still bugs me, is the weird problem when linking blender - it just won’t work (forthis i have used the workaround described above, which doesn’t work anymore).