Blender 2.48a GE optimized builds.

Win32 Blender 2.48a Optimized with an fast GE optimization

made by Jorgie(me)

Win32 Blender 2.48a Unoptimized with an fast GE optimization

made by Jorgie(me)

These builds has reverted a commit that keeps a BGE optimization inside Blender made some time ago but was removed from the trunk because some had graphics card glitches because of it, the optimization is still in the blenderplayer though.

These builds are for us who don´t get graphics card glitches from this optimization.

In the official 2.48a build I get 274fps from my game, with the old optimization(Unoptimized) i get 348fps and with old optimization, Fast math and SSE2(Optimized) i get 358fps which is about 30% speedup for me.

Note that some people get huge permonace difference some get less.

Here how to apply the previous GE optimization back on your builds for those who are interested:
open the file trunk/blender/source/blender/src/ghostwinlay.c from Blender source code folder and somewhere around line 478 change this

void window_swap_buffers(Window *win) {
#ifdef _WIN32
        // adding a glFinish() here is to prevent Geforce in 'full scene antialias' mode
        // from antialising the Blender window. Officially a swapbuffers does a glFinish
        // itself, so this feels really like a hack... but it won't harm. (ton)
        // moved it here from ghost because it is a performance killer for 
        // the game engine,
        // glFinish forces synchronization with the graphics card and calling it is strongly
        // discouraged for good performance. (brecht)

to this

void window_swap_buffers(Window *win) {

I recommend that you also add Fast math and SSE to your builds it speeds up some frames to your game.

Can people who has other OS:s please test 2.48RC and compare it to 2.48a and report back if they see signicant performance loss or not(remember to Enable all frames in the Game menu and turn off VSync/VerticalSync when testing).
If that´s the case then I hope someone with that OS can try compile 2.48a with the this code change.

For those who want to start building their own Blender check this tutorials out
The one I use


I have a windows 64 bit build if anyone is interested, just PM me and I will upload it for you and everyone else. You will need windows XP X64 pro to use it.

For my game I get:

45 fps with official Blender 2.48
45 fps with Blender 2.48a (Unoptimized)
45 fps with Blender 2.48a (Optimized)

For the most part, I haven’t noticed an increase or decrease in the frame rate, but this may be due to the fact that I’m running on an older computer.

If this no one has any problems running it, I believe it should be added to the main trunk regardless.
If others benefit from speed increase it should be added. Nice work. =)

二、空间想象力。无论何种楼梯,都实现上下衔接的功能。但生活中我们都有这样的经验,同样的楼层,直上直下的楼梯会让我们感觉很累,爬上去后会气喘吁吁。反之,蜿蜒而上的楼梯,我们爬上去感觉似乎很轻快。 人的心理往往就是这么微妙。家居中的楼梯也是这样,直上直下往往不会让我们产生什么感觉,但沿着一个扇形楼梯或者波浪纹楼梯拾阶而上,一种豪华尊贵的感觉就会悄然包裹我们。 例如楼梯的纵深感一直是设计师的难题,因为要求既能扩大空间感,同时又不能使它变得像公共场所。有位设计师独辟蹊径,采取了不同的材质,使这一空间丰富而具有变化,其统一之处是因为全部都是自然材质。石材的墙面与间隔着木头的天花以及从石梁上悬下的一盏灯,都呼应着这个楼梯的主题。

Original: 15-20fps (on my mountain)
Optimized : 30-35fps (on my mountain)
That is great since I’m using a laptop.