Blender 2.48a Texture Paint Problem

I am having a real performance problem when trying to do texture painting in Blender. When I try to paint, Blender is severly delayed in tracking the paint with the movement of the brush. I click lef tmouse and hold to paint, move the brush a distance, and release left-click…4-5 seconds later the paint shows up and does not follow the path I move the brush. Any ideas why texture paint is sooooo slow?? I’ve tried setting the UV map size down to 256 x 256 but no change in performance. Even clicking from Object mode to Texture paint mode takes 3-4 seconds. Undo texture paint is also slow. Everything else in blender seem to work fine as far as performance. See that attached image…red shows the paint path I laid down, white is the actual paint blender laid down 5 seconds later. Help?


I have the same trouble with my comp, so generally I use painting in the 3D window mostly to make reference marks, then do most of my painting in the UV window.