Blender 2.49-2.57 layout file stuffs and Background Images

1: I am having an issue with importing a blender model that I made in 2.49 to 2.57. When I import it, it changes the layouts to the old layouts… is there any way to change this? I want to open it with the new set of default layouts.

2: When I open a background image and set it, it doesn’t come up in 2.57… it worked fine with 2.49. What issues might I be having that keep it from showing up? (I do know that you need to be locked to an angle for it to be visible.)

When you open the blend from the File / Open menu, in the file browser deselect the ‘Load UI’ tickbox on the left.
For background images make sure you are in orthographic view mode (toggle with numpad 5) and have selected the correct view in the background image settings.

Sir, you are the greatest. Thank you so much :smiley: I checked both things, works great. Thank you :smiley: