Blender 2.49 (amd64) Side-by-Side configuration error

Hello everyone, this is the first of hopefully many posts to come!

OK, I’ve solved this problem many times in the past, after a format or so, and always worked smoothly. I did download vcredist 2005, 2008, 2011 and did redownload blender and everything. I even edited blender’s manifest and found the vcomp90.dll blender asks for, and it’s there in the appropriate folder.

Yet blender keeps displaying that error about the side by side configuration. What’s the problem??

Install the Visual C++ package
There’s a note on the download page that this is required for the blender 64bit version

The problem still occurs…as a matter of fact, this linked file is #3 of the same download. I wish blender would realise I’ve actually fed it what it wants :frowning:

Um…bump? :expressionless: