Blender 2.49 broken!

I am running Blender 2.49 on my MAC OS X 10.5.8. When I downloaded it from blender .org it worked fine for a while. Then suddenly it stopped working. Now when I load it a pink bar appears on the screen and Blender quits. Then I get the error message, “Blender quit unexpectedly”. I don’t know what caused this since I have other versions of Blender on my computer that work fine. Only version 2.49 is broken. I tried deleting blender and reinstalling it but the same problem occurs. I am just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem or if somebody knows how to fix this.

Edit: My computer is a 32 bit Intel version of MAC.

BlEnDeR fan

have you tried both 32 bit and 64 bit versions?

It’s sounds like some Linux link or library problem(Mac OSX is based off Linux). Any more info?

Umm, no…

I’m really don’t know, but i heard that mac was started from linux source… no?..