Blender 2.49 - increase vertex size and UI size, settings location for UI on Win 7?


OK, so it’s pretty easy to increase the vertex display size and the UI in Blender 2.5+ But how do you do this in Blender 2.49? I am working on a 1920x1080 screen, and I really need to be able to adjust things!

I do know how to access the font size option for Blender 2.49. But this can go no higher than 16 and it messes up the display of some items, so I need to know how to make everything bigger. Blender 2.5 has a DPI setting and that is what I need for Blender 2.49.

Where is the settings file hidden for Blender 2.49 on a Windows 7 machine? It’s not in the User folder, only Blender 2.5+ is there, nor does it appear to be in the Blender program folder. I assume there is a settings file that can be altered and adjusted as needed, but if not, what other options are available for tweaking Blender 2.49? Do I need to make a theme or something? How?

Speaking of, where are themes for Blender 2.49? I can find Blender 2.5+ easily. But I would like to look into theming Blender 2.49.

Thank you for your help!

Create you own theme in the User Preferences / Theme tab or use a theme script

In the themes section you can change the vertex size etc by selecting the 3D View section and choosing the component you want to change

I see only color options, not size options. There are two color selection boxes, which is weird. But its all color, nothing about size.

Man I use to love 2.49 but I have to ask; ‘Why are you using it?’

I am using it because I am wrapping up a tutorial series covering Age creation in Blender for Uru Complete Chronicles and MOUL (Myst Online Uru Live.) The plugin that allows you to do this, called PyPRP, only works with Blender 2.49. The folks that were working on that plugin have since stopped. There is a new one, being worked on, called Korman which will work with Blender 2.5+, but it is not ready for use yet and may not be ready for a long time.

Also I wanted to face my fear. When I first started to learn Blender it was Blender 2.49. I cussed, fought and struggled with the darn thing. I tried to conform it to what I knew at the time - 3DS Max. Instead of working with it I spend a lot of time and energy trying to bend it to my will. So its nice to go back, start using it, teach others how to use it, because there is, strangely enough, a small, eclectic group of users who are either stuck with it for various reasons or who choose to use it, also for various reasons.

So, to make it easier for me to see what he heck I am doing on my 1080o screen I would really love to know where the DPI and vertex size settings are stored, or if they can even be changed, and if they can’t be changed, why not?

Thank you.

Did you select the thing you want to change from the dropdown list ? The default is background. Actually look at the image I showed previously

OH MAN! I didn’t know you had to go to 3D View, choose Vertex, and select Vertex again to choose size! Man did I ever miss that! Thank you Mr. Marklew for your patience and quick, helpful replies!

Thanks again! I truly and honestly appreciate all your help!

So what about DPI or increasing the size of the menus and the UI?

You can only change what it allows you to change in the user preferences. If the font settings only change part of the interface then that is all that it changes and you’ll have to live with the effect it gives. Don’t expect every part of the interface to be cutomisable.