Blender 2.49 locks up with Nvidia 190.38 driver

I have experienced the Nvidia Forceware 190.38 WHQL XP Driver, Blender 2.49 opens, starts, shortly after movement of anything gets slow or locks up for periods of time. Did not try other 3d applications. Not sure if it has anything to do with the driver. I reverted to the Forceware 186.18 & everything works fine. Just a warning maybe it’s just my setup. It’s an older card, GeForce 6800.

Let me know if you have had the same problem.

Hi there.

I’m using 190.38 on a 256MB Asus 6800 Gamer Edition AGP card - complete with unlocked Vertex/Shader units (16p/6v instead of 12p/5v) and 100% softmod to a Quadro FX4000 and everything is hunky-dorey here on any version of Blender.

When you install new drivers, run a driver cleaner program in safe mode to remove excess Nvidia dross. I’ve noticed with some 190.xx series drivers that it’s not enough to run the driver install in Safe Mode. Doing so will make the card recognisable, but won’t install the Control panel.

You must then run the SETUP.EXE installer again in normal mode. This has worked flawlessly for me with any 190.xx series driver (and earlier versions to be honest).

Thanks for the info.
I’ll give it a try soon. Unlocking the shaders info is good to know also.
I have not ever had to do anything special to install there drivers before, so this was a shock when it didn’t work.
Thanks again. Blend on… Eric