Blender 2.49: Rotating Armature

So I have a group of armatures, and somehow I accidentally centered the cursor on one of the armatures, so now the bone (in pose mode) will rotate around the origin instead of the head of the armature (normally). How do I reverse this without doing ctrl+z a million times? I want the bone to rotate around it’s bottom point, not the origin.

You don’t show the armatures, but there are a couple of options:

If the bone is supposed to only be able to rotate around it’s base, then you need to have another bone at it’s base, and have the moving bone set to have that fixed bone as it’s parent, and have the ‘connected’ button pressed. This makes the bone only able to rotate around it’s parent. A bone with no parent rotates around the origin of the armature, by default.

Secondly, if the bone has to be movable, but still rotate around its base, rather than the origin, you need to set the rotation option in the window appropriately. This is not part of the mesh/armature, but the editing mode generally.