Blender 2.49 sequence image

Hello. I’m currently developing script which is supposed to take a sequence image from UV Editor each frame.
I’ve linked it to change frame event on the script tab.

And it actually works fine when I’m changing the frames by myself. UV Image Editor takes next image from sequence, my script does its job and everything is just fine.

But when I’m trying to render animation it appears that frame counter doesn’t increment. This leads to UV Image Editor not to load next image from the sequence. And my script receves old image.

How can I fix it? I want to get new image from image sequence loaded in UV Image Editor while rendering animation.

Thank you.

On doing something at each frame rendering, I proposed 2 principal cycles - Code_1 Code_2 … Is one of these a loop you are searching for?


Nope. The problem is when you load a sequence of images to the Image UV/Image Editor and you start rendering the animation you can get only the first one image with Blender.Image.GetCurrent() even though if you press ctrl+a in UV/Image Editor you can see the whole image sequense looping through.

I’ve solved it by manually loading needed image like this

img = Blender.Image.Load(“path_to_images” + str( Blender.Get(‘curframe’) ))