blender 2.49 short keys in 2.5

Is it possible to get the blender 2.49 short keys in blender 2.5 as default?
Very annoying to search and change al lot of short keys, also simple ones like spacebar is now in 2.5 shift a.

You can change the keyboard shortcuts for blender 2.5 in the User preferences under the input tab.
By the way, Shift+A has the same functionality in both blender 2.5 and 2.49


Yes I know but that is not what I meant.
spacebar is not working the same in blender 2.5 you have to use shift a or change the preferences users input.
spacebar should be add an object but I can change that short key easily.
Is there a list: short keys 2.49 versus 2.5 I want to know how many short keys are different most short keys seem to work the same?