Blender 2.49 splash contest

Hi all,

It’s time of the year again, release craze!

Although 2.5 progresses well, the current svn has enough new stuff and fixes to make a release worthwhile. The developers will decide next week if we’re ready for a first RC1 (release candidate). Release then is earliest 10 days after. This means deadline for splash is:

Sunday April 26th, 1400 UTC. (extended 1 week!)

Here’s the template:

I’ll ask the YoFrankie Blender crew to judge (venomgfx, blengine, ideasman).

The usual rules apply:

  • it has to made entirely in Blender
  • keep the title area free, make your picture fit in the given space below.
    • don’t use blender logo
    • don’t use suzanne.
    • don’t other logos either
    • you can use old works, or make completely new.
    • you can participate with more than one image, but,
    • do not make millions of variations of the same idea,
    • just make a good one
    • it has to look awesome.
    • post your works on this thread.
    • keep thread clean, entries and questions about competition only.


Just to be sure: external renderers are allowed?

I would say: No! It should just represent Blender. :evilgrin:

I would think that any kind of renderer could be used. Look at maya and max. They use zbrush, photoshop and mental ray for their splash.

@ DingTo: … as a tool that is also open and compatible to other render engines? Why not?

At least I wouldn’t say a splash screen with an image from an external renderer is not representing Blender. But that’s why I’m asking - to be sure.

No, for a Blender splash it should be made entirely in Blender. (added on the requirement list!)

Jumping in with my Bonecrusher Game Model:

I agree about the splash being rendered in the Internal Renderer and made entirely in Blender, as it would represent Blender well, you can actually get good results out of BI.

Is post pro in an image editor allowed?

Probably not. Cause the first rule clearly states that it has to be made entirely in blender.

That should answer the question…

Are you allowed to create textures in an external image editor?

Any ETA on the update page? I’d like to try something inspired by something new in this update! (Or is it just bugfixes?)

That seems reasonable to me, as its an important part of almost every blender project. 'course Ton has the final say in the matter.

this one should go on news and even cgtalk

I have an idea:

What if we make it a rule that .blend file of the winning splash screen will be made available for everyone to download afterwards through some official download link.

I think it would be nice for example for new users: They open the program see the splash screen and think: ‘Oh, that looks nice I wonder how this is made’. Then if they could just go to the website and download the file they could find out how it is made.

I think it would be a nice addition and it would also go nicely hand in hand with the “openess” of the community and Blender.

What do you guys think?


uh Im in. Although I wish it was for 2.5. :slight_smile:

@MasterDomino: I like it.

This is so cool!

ok when and where do we see this splash screen

sorry don’t remember seing it for a long time!

Happy blendering