Blender 2.49 splash contest

One word: martinsh the shaders are flippin awesome!

Just wandered past and thought this looked like a bit of fun. Couldn’t work out how to attach an image, though. Any clues?

File is here:

here is my suggestion for the splash screen:

entirely made with Blender
also available without my name in the lower right corner…

hope you like it!

sincerely yours,


Nice first post! Very funny.:yes:[]_splash_2_49_1.png[]_splash_2_49_2.png[]_splash_2_49_3.png[]_splash_2_49_4.png

thats all for now

Just one thing, a bit of an idea for proposals really, since this is the last version with the current UI, shouldn’t we make something themed around that?


@Ali Karmi, nice! The truck could possibly use some mud/dirt textures to give it a bit more real look. But great work.

Just when I was writing along comes Jeepster, DUDE!!! Awesome work!

@jeepster: Great splashscreens. I especially like the statue, for 2.49 it would work quite nicely in a way: It looks like it’s dying hit by the sunlight, so it could stand for the “old” UI and the shining light comes from the new Blender 2.5 shining at the horizon already.

About the .blend file idea. You have a good point, but I mean artists can always keep their work for themselves since no one forces them to take part in the contest.

The more I think about the idea, the more I like it.
I mean the entire software is open source, so why shouldn’t the splash screen be open source, too? It seems rather logical to me.

That way both the developers AND the artists could give something to the community with each release of Blender.

Edit: AND it would be a nice way to show to the world that it was done entirely in Blender. Like saying: Look, we don’t need Photoshop to compose and refine our images, don’t believe me? Well, just download the file and hit F12. Textures? Postproduction effects? All in this one .blend file.

Cool competition! would be such an honor!

Gonna have to get something together.:smiley:

I’ll probably do another one from scratch, but I had this image laying around from a Weekday Challenge that was several months back.

the Terminator is a licensed product.
this is not allowed.
your first two images are good, more so the statue.
the last image, hmm, trying to scare children & parents off blender are we?:stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea that the final splash should represent the 2.4 series in some way.

Meta runs off to ask permissions to make a composite character splash.:wink:

grafixsuz, sorry!

Dude I think you mistook me for Jeepster, I haven’t submitted anything,… yet:o

I just came up with the idea about the interface

So please no “Oh this is nice…” posts!!!
Thank you!


For your lion you say…

Apparently no post pro work in other software is allowed.

Here we go

ps: For some reason the images look crappy when displayed here on the forum (seems to rescale it with a bad algorithm). Just look at the blender logo.

Damn Jeepster, that last monster one is incredible. Do you have a thread for that piece? Id like to see more of it.

Heres one of my entries, got another in mind but it might not be finished in time.

Some good old Australian Muscle - The 1978 Ford Falcon Cobra

Love both Jeepsters Statue and Lion. Great stuff!

@ jeepster:

Love the style of your dragon in your first splash. It’s really unique. And the lighting on your second one is spot on!

Hehe, obviously image textures you better draw a with a real painting program. :slight_smile:
You can also use photographs as textures, or scanned textures, or use not the builtin fonts, etc. The “It has to made entirely in Blender” has to be taken in the spirit of this meaning, not the letter. If you needed Gimp for things, like to assemble some layers or to tweak colors, just mention that. The judges can define easily when that’s enough “made entirely in Blender”.