Blender 2.49 Texturing Material Node Problem?

Hello! , I’m a occurring a problem at the moment and its bugging me. Wondering if anyone else occurred this problem before or willing to help me out on this one.

In Blender 2.49 I was texturing and baking a custom Material to the UVMap of my model , so it bakes the way i wanted it to be but i have tried this method in Blender 2.6 and its way confusing. Anyways to the problem after it bakes to the UVmap it gives me some odd weird colours in the baked texture instead of a nice clear bake.



Weird colours ? What way precisely ? Is it the darkness od the bake, wrong colour, the faceted look of it ? Please elaborate

If the faceted look, set smooth shading

For ALL support questions please ALWAYS attach or post a link to your blend file with all relevant textures packed.

Ok thanks very much for helping i will try your method to see if it worked or not.
I will attach my .blend file in there so people can have a look at it and such. Note that the model it self is a test.

The whole meaning of this is trying to bake the custom Material on to the model and so that it bake’s it on the Unwrapped UV. Not sure it will add the reflections and such. (435 KB)

Looking at your mesh I’d really just start again or clean up the meshes. You have faces inside the mesh of your frames and the lenses are just messy around the edges. Messy meshes will give messy bake results. Why have you made the topology of the front of the lenses so different to the back ? Keep it simple and don’t expect miracles

I’d recommend dropping this old version of blender and use 2.65, going back to 2.49 to look at this was horrible.

Like i said it was a test so i didn’ bother with the topology , just wanted to sort out this weird Faceted effect that it was baking. It looks like it’s 16bit colour if you know what i mean… not all the colour is there , but that just could be me.
But if you like i can re-mesh this and clean it up with proper topology and re -upload and see if you’re having any problems with it.