Blender 2.49

can someone please upload blender 2.49 on an attachment because i cant download from the main page coz im at school and i want the blender on my profile thanks in advance

good joke!

first you can’t attach exe, zip or other files,
you can’t attach files of that size

Why do you think you can upload from here if you can’t upload from the original site?

oh its coz for some reason it dont work on the main page its weird

Perhaps put it on a usb flash dirve and take it from home?

five stars for andrew’s response.

i dont have 1
1 star to /
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Down loading from school computer?! Probably there is some restriction on what you can do on the system.

It might be worthwhile investing in a USB, especially if you will be operating on two computers such as your home PC and school PC.

1GB or 2GB flash drives are becoming quite cheap, check out your local market next time you go.

It seems like has some issues. I can’t get B2.49 from there so I put link to my net folder with zipped B2.49:

If that was related to the wiki server. The problems are solved right now.