Blender 2.49a and a Extention Monitor and use with a Graphics tablet

Hey everyone-

couple questions if you don’t mind.

Blender 2.49a windows version - i can’t get it to work on an extention monitor - is there a setting in Blender i’m missing?

Secondly - for those experienced with a graphic tablet - how versital would it be using one with Blender ?

this is my first graphics tablet - never uesd one - picked up a Wacom Bamboo on sale - thought it would be a good one to get a start with and get the feel for using a tablet.

any tips for use and button settings for 3D/2D application?

Any advice you can give me would be appriciated,


hmmm no takers on this one? I realize i’ve been away for a while and just now gettingto re- familiarize my self with the new blender in great antisipation of v2.5 but … alas

then this shall be a self discovery answer and is: Blender 2.49a will not work on a extention monitor. nor is there a script/ plugin or setting that allows it to…

no one uses a graphics tablet with Blender… hence no advice on how to use it effectively and or pointers…

interesting… :eyebrowlift2:

-chase-: i’m pretty sure blender does not allow you to use an extension monitor. this is one of the things about the new UI redesign planned for 2.5.
with regard to the tablet, i know there are those around here who do use one; i don’t have one so i can’t say how well it works with blender. how are you finding it? (i’m considering buying one if it makes a HUGE difference.)

if by extension monitor - you mean a second screen

yes blender can do this
(I’m doing it right now)

I don’t know how on windows but if you get it up and running you can drag the window size of blender to fill the 2 screens

is that what you mean?

I haven’t used the tablet but 30 minutes last night - but i strted to get the feel for it… kinda cool.

Yes WayLow i mean a second screen - i tried it with my Dell XPS M140 windows xp - couldn’t get it to work at all - i could drag Blender to the second screen - but most all the buttons and fundtions did not work, worked fine on my primary screen (laptop screen)

I couldn’t get it to go onboth screens at the same time if tht is what you mean… my laptop screen is smaller than my extension monitor - hence i wanted it there also when i tried to maximize it - i bliped over onto the primary screen - so i thought therer might be asetting or something i was missing since some things did work - though most didn’t.

I have a newer handme down laptop i want to install it on - just got through fixing it and it has a better graphic processer than my Dell. Stronger CPU and is aDuo Core 2 2.0ghz. with Vista on it.

So i thought i’d attempt it again but this means going and getting the extension monitor from my storage unit - so before doing that - i thought i’d ask - no sense making the trip for the monitor for nothing.

ok - it probably has something to do with the different screen resolutions

I run my mac and 2 monitors - and everything works perfectly
but when you click maximize - it only resizes to the main screen
(but dragging the window to the other screen works)

the screens are different physical sizes (15" and 22")
but the resolutions are both 1440x900

have fun with your tablet
it is really good for texture paint mode and sculpt mode

So what your saying is that when you have Blender screen 2 and you attempt to amximaze it it pops over the the primary screen (sreen 1) on your MAC too… if so, we both have that happening.

My screen rez is different on screen 2 than my primary screen. and square versus 16/10 or 9.
but its 17" rather than 13.3 which make a difference when trying use anything. I tested 6 other apps on my screen 2 - fresh install on teh Dell - they worked fine - but couldn’t get Blender to work.

Perhaps as your suggesting they must be the same size and rez. ?

and thanx will do on the tablet… thanx for the tip. do you have your buttons set to something specific for graphics other than the default?

when I maximize any app - it only fills the one of the screens on a mac
(the one that it is mostly covering)

I would try using the same resolution on both screens other wise blender will have a hard time figuring out whats going on

I haven’t tested 2 monitors on Windows before but I know it can be done