Blender 2.49a Lattice doesn't seem to work.

Can anybody give me a step by step on how to make the lattice work IN THE NEW WAY in Blender 2.49a? Is it me or is it the program??? Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t! If anyone thinks they can help and would like to try, I can post or send my notes to you via email. And actually, my eyesight is very poor and it’s kind of difficult for me to even find my way through these forums! If anyone wants to help me, in addition to replying to this post here at the forum, maybe we can communicate via email?

Here’s my email address:

                                        [email protected]

If the program is in fact stable and working properly, then I must be making an error somewhere in the process. I thought I finally found the answer when I saw the 3 little boxes…
ENABLE MODIFIER DURING EDIT MODE (only if enabled for display)

It seemed to work when I “darkened” the last 2… but then when I tried it again, it didn’t work!!! :frowning:

Is it that the new simpler way of using the lattice is unstable… or is it MEE that’s unstable!!! Any help will really be appreciated!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz can someone help me?! :frowning:

I’m an artist, and I can think in 3D really easily but learning complicated applications with really small print is pretty hard!

You don’t need to create a new thread asking the same question. There have been replies on your earlier threads answering the question. What exactly don’t you understand about using the lattice modifier.