Blender 2.49a Packed Collection (Windows)

Hi, I thought I would magically conjure something up for you. :eek:

Build now on Graphicall. HERE!
Be Warned, It’s 75 meg & a beast to run!
There’s lots of stuff included.
Presets & Examples, Materials & Scripts, Rigs & More.

Blender foundation.

* Willian Padovani Germano
* Matt Ebb
* Martin Poirier
* Ton Roosendaal

Kai Kostack, jesterking, cambo, macouno, freakydude, Ammusionist, BrianH, sonix,
Manuel, littleneo, Slikdigit, Ben Dansie, Radiance, LuxRender Team,
& the so many that have contributed, thanks.
The entire Blender community!
This body of work is a collection from around the world.
Thanks to you all.

Please see individual models for licences,
Scripts are under the GPL or BAL or Creative Commons

Enjoy Blendering with a little bit more.
Brendon Murphy. (Meta_Androcto)

so your all too busy picking apart the files to comment?

Sorry, octo, but I just saw this.
Gonna download it this evening or tomorrow.

Thanks for your community spirit!! You’re a real Blender asset!

hey UglyMike,
I just thought it funny that I have more comments on graphicall than here.

Important Note: There is a small bug in the GLSL config in this build.
If you experience this problem, you can download this exe here Farsthary Build
Then copy it into the Main folder.
Using this exe will fix the problem, but you cannot use the patches in Kai’s Build.
I consider the benefits of using 2 .exe for different purpose: Games or Stills/Animation a bonus.

To explain this more,
Some patches are not compatible with each other or by adding one you can unknowingly mess with another.
This issue is trying to be fixed.
By using both .exe you can have the best of both worlds,
just not at the same time.:wink:
This is quite a common method for testing features.
Both .exes I use are compatible with each other.
For nice stills or general work, use the .exe provided in my version.
If you are right into Games creation, I would use Farsthary.exe, linked above.
All the scripts & add ons are still accessible from both .exe.


So if I create something using this non-official build and try to go to a render farm to render my output, it more than likely will not be supported, right?

I don’t mean to poo-poo your efforts, but how is releasing a non-official branch helping outside vendors who are trying to support the Blender community?

Atom, I don’t think that’s entirely correct.
I would be using Official Blender to export to renderfarms.
Unless I knew that the Renderfarm supported the features to be used.
Also at a 42 meg file save size, i don’t think my version would be practical for that use.

Graphicall is full of non official builds.
Most are better than the official build & contain bugfixes for 2.49a or support new features that will never make it into Blender 2.49b as it is feature frozen. Bug Fix Only.
Unless Ton does a backflip.
So there’s no other way to test Lightcuts, Sim/Physics Branch, Veiwport Optimization & all the other Gsoc Builds & Cool Patches. Than to use builds from graphicall.

To convert this Build into Official Blender version:
Download & unpack the Windows zip for Blender 2.49.
Delete the plugins folder & .blender folder from Official Blender.
Copy the plugins & .blender folder from my version into the Official version.
Your good to go.
(you will need to reset some file paths, but that’s usual anyway.)
(you can also merge this with other OS builds by doing similar for your OS)

This Version of Blender is simply packed to the rafters with presets & goodies.
Try adding particles, there’s 20 presets or Materials, there’s 100’s of presets.
It’s more to show off some capability’s of Blender than for production work.
Check out the scripts folder for more scripts in one place than ever seen before!

Take it for what it is.
A great fun build to explore & have fun with a lot of things that were never available in Official Blender.


i’ve uploaded a half-way fixed version for now. i just disabled the world normal output for the geometry shader node, which was introduced with the IBL patch. that caused GPU shaders to throw an error if you used that node in your setup.

Thanks Kai! That was quick!

To update this build to my Packed version,
or should I say Update my version to this fixed version
Download Kai’s newer Blender.
Delete the plugins & .blender folder from Kai’s Build
Paste in the plugins & .blender folder from My Version.
your good to go again.

I don’t really understand what’s included. I was just thinking that I’d want a game engine oriented build with all cool new game engine type stuff included with scripts ready to roll.

hi kay_Eva,
Yeah next time I may do a Game Engine version also.
I already have some good permissions to that end.
However I’m not that well versed in the GE.
I would really prefer if a games Guru were to make a games Opt build.

Basically this build packs Blender .B.Blend with a load of presets & examples.
All in one download.
The scripts menu’s are full.
There’s Rigs & Character’s to get you started.
Materials & Textures in an easy browsing format.
Load the Materials Screen layout & there’s the Materials Library!
Plugins & PyNodes.
Open The text editor & there’s the PyNodes.
There’s lot’s of stuff.
All in one D/L ready to go.
Stuff it took me years to accumulate.


WOW, thanks Meta-Androcto, this is perfect for someone like me, a half-noob exploring more cool functions in Blender. Downloading now.

Hey thank you for this - I have plenty of problems with trees and such, and hopefully your download will help aleviate some of my worrys, and save time in the longer term. As you mentioned “it took you years to accumalate the stuff” - well in my life span I have spent less than “years”.

Have a great day, and please keep up the wonderful work you keep doing for the community.

Thanks kbot & bongox.

Thanks also to Bart from Blender Nation,
Special thanks to Daniel (ZanQdo).

This looks really good. I’m gonna download and have a look.

Are the latest yafaray and luxrender scripts in there or do they need to be installed seperately?

you will find Luxrender in the Plugins Folder,
however, you can delete this & copy in a newer version.
The lux script can also be updated in the .blender/scripts/py_render folder.
Yafaray is not installed, you will need to download & install it.
I found this to be the best method for Yafaray.

Should I host it at my site?

It’s cool,
graphicall can handle it.
better to keep it in the one place.
that’s the preferred method for this.
I have plenty of hosting myself, but due to the content by the community,
my preference was or graphicall.
thanks for offering.

however I’m looking for Linux & OSX versions,
if anyone has put these together, send me a PM & I’ll organize hosting.

No hate.

It’s a very cool build.
Wanted to do this a long time ago.
Thanks to all contributers

Any chance you could post the source to this for those of us wanting to build on linux/osx?

The source links are on the graphicall thread.

Patches adopted from the patch tracker:
Image Based Lighting: Diffuse prefiltered (HDRI):
Shaded ambient occlusion:
Ocean Procedural Texture a.k.a Ocean Sim:

Plugin Repository:

The Python Scripts & .blend files are source themselves.
Everything is included in the .B.blend or in individual multiplatform files & folders within the Build.

If someone wants to buy me a Mac & a dedicated Linux box,
I would be very happy to make builds for these platforms.:wink:

More seriously, this Version of Blender has been Built, rather than Compiled.
So I presume, it should not be too hard to rebuild it for other OS.

Simply opening the .B.blend (which is over 100 meg itself) gives many things.
There are very few things that are Windows Specific.

If anyone does want to “Build” this, let me know & I’ll offer any help I can.