Blender 2.49a Windows builds released

Go get them now at

this one uses python 2.6 not 2.5

thank you :slight_smile:

Just a quick question. I have just upgraded to a 64 bit system and as such I can only use the zip file with blender in it. However, when I try to run it I get a warning telling me the installation was incorrect. Any ideas on installing it on XP 64 machine? Never had this problem with 32 zip files sooo… Thank you in advance.

I don’t want to sound pedantic, but just as some build is dumped in some download directory does not mean it’s released: It could be just some test as it is not yet officially announced.


2.49a does it means that it’s 32 bits windows and is using the 2.6
it doesn not indicate that’s it’s using 2.6 ?

i canmsee the 64 vits and 2.6 but not for the 32 bits !

and if you want the 2.5 ?

and does it have less bugs too ?


The official download page does now says 2.49a


There’s also an external renderer download page, looks like the foundation is open to giving people the option of rendering stuff with renderers other than BI, though none on the page support everything in Blender (like hair and compositing)

Please read the download instructions!
Note: This version requires Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistribution Package (x64). (about 5MB)”.

Thank you,
Daniel :slight_smile:

I just downloaded the zip folder, works fine for me, though my internet’s policy of breaking files made me download it twice (still haven’t fixed that)

At least there’s a bunch of bugfixes and we got it before the servers get loaded with people trying to download Blender.

Optimized builds for win32 are up on

Its up on the official download page now :slight_smile:

I recently made a optimized Blender 2.49a build with ghostwinlay.c optimization, Soft and Alpha shadows in case someone needs one

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MoonRunX is a spambot. It has only made non-sensical comments, leaving people confused, all this to be able to gain ‘status’ and post the above spam. I have sent a private message to a moderator to delete it. Maybe the community should be on the lookout for such behavior. A sticky post with info on how best to report such spam would be welcome.

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Oops. I just noticed the red button to report the post as spam. I just used it. A sticky post with relevant information would this be useful, though.

I’ll have to download it when I get home.

I hope I’ll be able to get it before it runs out.

In the new 2.49a Windows Build!
i found out when you Press Alt+A Buttons for Animation (with your mouse in 3D View) there is a 1 and a half second Delay bevor the Black small square Timer -counter starts but not the first time!
Try it out …Press Alt+A Buttons for Animation the black counter starts ok
Then press Esc and then again Alt+A for Animation the Timer -counter has a Delay for about 1 second to start!
Maybe this is a Bug!
so i report it here because i canot acess the Bug Tracker!

In 2.49 Blender Version it works OK! No delay!

I’ve downloaded it too. Will need to install it later on today when I have some spare time at home. There was no problems in downloading it from my end.

How come you cannot access it? Have you tried to register? The developers are not scanning this forum for bug reports. I am already Registered and i can Log- In in the Bug Tracker but not Write to Report a Bug i dont know why not works!?

But anyway P Beitzel Report this Bug in the Tracker!
This means its in the Bug Tracker ! Thats good News!