Blender 2.49b Distorting some objects upon opening file for unknown reason


I joined the forum only to ask this question and hopefully get it fixed because I have been unable to find anyone else who’s experienced the same issue.

And the frustrating part is it doesn’t do it all the time, so there’s no way of preparing for it or preventing it.

I make low poly meshes for an old game I’m helping working on using the older Blender 2.49b (no, please do not suggest using a newer version as the export script I require is not available for the newer versions) but in the past few months I’ve started experiencing a new and very, very frustrating bug within Blender.

After creating an object (such as a helmet or sword), saving and exiting, I’ll re-open it at a later date and find that the mesh is either a million miles from where it was prior to saving (the centre of the grid), it’s badly distorted (like it’s been flattened, stretched, etc) or both.

Another instance is if there are multiple objects, when re-opening they may move place- I think this one has to do with them being a duplicated item, as they move to wherever the other item I duplicated them from, is, but otherwise it does no damage.

However the distorting issue seems to be damaging my meshes as, when placed in a game, they return to their usual size/shape- making altering them in Blender extremely difficult.

Prior to a couple months ago, I never, ever had issues with Blender or Python, and these have seemingly started happening for absolutely no reason at all.

Is there a fix to this?

I use Blender 2.49b & Python 2.6.2

I have tried:

  • Uninstalling Blender & Re-Installing
  • Uninstalling Python & Blender, Re-installing both
  • Uninstalling Python & Blender, Re-installing Blender & a different version of Python
  • Saving my files elsewhere
  • Installing Blender & Python elsewhere
  • Re-Saving Files under a different file name
  • Virus scan
  • Program repair

Check for any unwanted keyframes
Check for any unwanted modiifiers
Check for any unwanted constraints
Check for any unwanted parents or other relationships
Apply any non uniform object scaling (Ctrl+N)

If you see this occur at any stage, save the file and supply a link to it

Also … why isn’t that export-script “available?” If it is indeed a Python scipt, it ought to be “available.”