Blender 2.49b External Script Bundles (release)



Any support issues, let me know here.


thanks for compiling the scripts. My problem is that i cant execute some scripts. I copied them to my scripts folder, re-evaluated them and updated the menus. But somehow i cant execute the ‘system’ scripts (e.g.) like the 3d cursor menu.

Where are they hidden?

Thanks in advance

ps. Themes, Render and Wizard Scripts are hidden, too =|

thanks meta-androcto! :slight_smile:


did you check the python script menu?

hi stanmarsh,
np, it’s fun.

hey PowStudios.
there’s some docs on the script here:
3d Cursor menu

The bundles are fairly comprehensive & generally well preforming so far.
Thanks to Ton for hosting & Announcing the Script Bundles here: 249 updates

Thanks, enjoy the scripts!

aoh… thancks, now i see. Some scripts are integrated in the UI and some scripts have to be loaded & executed ‘manually’.

Hi! May I ask you what’s the difference with the scripts Toolkits (the all-in-one)?