Blender 2.49b Grease Pencil Video Tutorial

I published a video showing how the Blender Grease Pencil works, at:

The Grease Pencil is a relatively recent addition to Blender, introduced in version 2.48. The Grease Pencil at first glance looks like something out of a primitive Paint program, and in fact it operates similarly to pencil tools in 2D image programs like the Gimp and Photoshop. What is such an apparently primitive tool doing in a sophisticated 3D modeling program like Blender? It seems so out of place. Was someone bored one day and decided to create a tool that creates doodles? Actually, the grease pencil originated from the early days of animation, where animators used an actual pencil (remember that?) to sketch out an animation. Blender’s grease pencil can do this as well. As it turns out, the Grease Pencil actually has a lot of useful features. The purpose of this video is to suggest some of them.

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Hey Irakrakow thanks!
I’ll watch it.

Thank you very much. Useful tutorial.