Blender 2.49b PROBLEM

Each time I work with blender it freeze every 5 minute about 1 min and return to normal again. It take a lot of my time having to wait till return to normal. Also I can’t hear any sound in this version of blender. Other work well. Please help :(. Is their something I did wrong?

does this happen in older versions of blender too or just 2.49b?
what r ur system specs?

With version 2.49b
XP sp3
pentium 4
2 gb ram
7600 gs 256 nvdia graphic card agp
integrated soundcard (RealtekAC’97 Sound System Software ver:A3.95)
python 2.5 - 3.0 install

It work with blender with soft shadow in game engine.I delete 2.49 a.

is there any message in the console window? (the second window that loads when you start blender) check it after it unfreezes.

No error in the console window. Do you think its the autosave option? should I disable it?

i really dont know. im not sure what could be causing it…