Blender 2.49b ready to work!

New version available :


sweet :cool:

What are the differences?

Mostly bug fixes :

Not a single fix for any of the bugs I have encountered.

That list says 2.49a

Have you thought of scrolling down the page?


Hey, they snuck in my linux/intel bug hack under the BLENDER_FORCE_SWAPBUFFERS environmental variable it seems…

Have you made this bugs known to the developers, would you care to list them here?

@Atom, links to tracker submissions would help, last bug you reported IIRC the ball was in your court and I didn’t hear back from you (regarding BVH rest pose).

This release fixed a lot but there are a lot in the tracker too, some of them are weirdo bugs that are tricky to fix or hard to reproduce. Others are lower priority because they wont affect 2.5

All I get with 2.49b is ‘Bus error’ for blender and blender-softwaregl. More problems with intel graphic chips and xorg.

2.48a works a lot better now except for the pesky problem of killing the X server every once in a while forcing a hard reboot.

That is waaay to complicated, I just expected the most recent stuff on top. But now they are side by side, great.

A lot of the bugs are so well know that I assumed they were already in the bug base.


the z-twist problem with curves (been there for years)
A lot of the bugs I encounter are particle based. Like not following paths correctly and failing to render correctly.
The new (new to me, I just discovered it) shrinkwrap modifier bug when in projection mode for a beveled curve.
Running the explosion modifier backwards in time.
I still can’t get snap to keyframe work in the NLA, quite annoying. (I mean who wants a keyframe between a frame by default?)
3DS Import still fails about half-the time (I think it is related to 3DS files that have objects other than mesh geometry in them).
Collada import (there are threads and thread on that).
I don’t have a complete list in front of me nor do I keep one these are just things that I can remember because I encountered them recently.