Blender 2.49b slow on Windows 7 (64 bit)


I’m running Blender.exe (2.49b) on Windows 7 (64bit OS). Just beginning and trying to run some .blend files.

What I’m observing is that the file open dialog is so terribly slow. You can hardly select
on a larger directory tree.

First off, it always opens on C:\windows

But it feels slow and sticky and one gets misclicks and the scroll bar slider seems to stick.

Something very unpleasant.


Does the splash screen seem to load line by line?

No. Actually it loads quite fast. Blindingly fast.
I also found that it might be a matter of the state of the machine. Number of windows open, browsers, explorers. Thunderbird 3.1 seems to be a CPU hog.

I rebooted the computer before going to lunch and now, coming back
all seems to be fine.

I’ll keep an eye on it and will observe, under what circumstances this happens again.

BTW, is everyone happy with the Openfile dialog as it is? :slight_smile:

iv got this problem on my 32bit Win7, every seems to load from top to bottom really slow, you might need to download some 3d accelerators so it works fine