Blender 2.49b v 2.5X

I have been using both versions on and off for a while now. Now this thread is strictly about games development not Animation or Rendering or any of that jazz. Despite the python API change and supposed “performance enhancements” i can’t find any pro’s in using 2.5X on any platform.

Now I may be wrong in this and missing some vital key to make 2.5X uber. I leave that to you i want to hear everyone else’s verdicts of this transition, Pro’s Con’s etc

my personal Reasons for returning back to 2.49:

-Script Compatibility

-More Tools and resources

-No Choppy performance under Ubuntu 9-10, WinXP 32/64, Win7 64 (Despite framerate and Vsync apparently operational. both windowed and full screen) mainly down to light handling.

-Stand Alone Exe performance and tools Far superior. such as blend encryption.

As i say again this could be me talking out of my ass but my last note is that the 2.5X interface gives me a headache, too much switching around and wasted space alone eats much time and energy.

Scripts are compatible, they’re simple api changes.
Faster rasteriser, and a more intuitive workflow

I very much agree with the last notion, also why for the love of god did they remove the floating windows. WHY!? There is so much scrolling to be done now -.-"

Edit: Most of the settings can be recovered using addons.

I agree with he wasted space. Especially at the logic bricks the overview is lagging.
Can we add some skins?

Not much was changed in regards to the game engine, its still pretty much the same thing it was before.

Noteable changes for me though is:

  • bgl/blf exposure to game engine, making projects such as the bgui possible
  • dynamic loading
  • keyboard and mouse given python exposure
  • audaspace sound engine
  • positions and orientations are now returned as vector and matrix objects

Moguris current GSOC project is to improve the animation system and expose it to python, thats pretty handy as well.

But to me, the big thing is the bgl exposure. Its now possible to make decent gui’s for games without having to worry about mipmapping and all that. It makes stuff like this possible:

Thanks for the replies people. I’m never saying “im never coming back to the new version” are there any OpenGL Settings commands I may be missing for GLSL rendering maybe withing the python console, if i enlarge the render window beyond a certain threshold the frames stutter even though the FPS remains 60 so i cant use a resolution beyond 1024x768 which is really annoying. Only does this with realtime lights. and again no drops in FPS.