Blender 2.49RC3 64bit?

Forgive me if I am being stupid, but I can’t seem to find a 64bit version of RC3 for Windows?

Why is this?

What I would kill for right now is a RC3 64-bit mac version… :slight_smile:

Any chance of that happening in time for the final 2.49 release?

i dont think there is one, but you can use 32 bit blender on win 64, and you’ll need 32 bit pyton for it. if you already have 64 bit python 2.5.X installed for blender i would download a python 2.6 version of the blender rc so you can install the 32 bit version of python 2.6.

RC2 had a 64bit release, so why hasn’t this?

perhaps because Jesterking has yet to have the time to build a 64bit binary? :slight_smile:

People still use Windows? :rolleyes:

Yeah! Joining fahr.
A 64bit Mac (unique) version would make plenty of sense, since 64bit is supposed to be plainly part of the basic OSX for about a decade or so.
Would be screamy to find it anyway in Blender 2.5… :wink:
Could it?

Yep. I still have a Commodore64 that is used from time to time as well. :wink:

People still use 32bit?!? :rolleyes:

If I could rely on Linux for everything, I’d get rid of Windows in an instant!

People on osx still use 32-bit because we have no choice. :slight_smile:

I still use 32 bit windows for most things… but gradually getting used to linux. If you pay for things like Zbrush it’s a little hard to just jump ship.

Surprising to hear about the lack of 64bit Mac builds though. Can’t help because I don’t own one and wouldn’t know where to start building on one.

The most surprising with Mac OSX is that it is 64bit compilant since years but everybody ignores it (or does like).
Well, obviously more buzz around Snow Leopard (aka OSX 10.6) will bring fast changes in these bad habits.
Hopefully some Blender geniuses will go after it and drop a blasting-screaming 64bit version out of their cooking brains! He! He! ;D

as i understand it apple is largely to blame for this; they encouraged developers to use carbon for development as it was compatible across both old and new macs, promising 64bit support eventually. in 2007 they backtracked saying only cocoa would be 64bit, leaving a lot of developers stranded, blender included.

its come up many times for blender osx to be ported to cocoa, but its not a simple ‘flick of a switch’.

If you’re interested, here’s a benchmark comparison between OS10.5.6, Ubuntu 9.04 in 32bit and 64 bit.

While I appreciate what Canonical is doing for Linux, I still think Ubuntu’s moto is “over promise and under deliver” because the 6 months release cycle is too short to fix the major bugs in Linux.

Oh! Some Apple’s economic strategy had done that sabotage! ;(
Apple isn’t perfect in all choices, of course.
Things will probably change when Snow Leopard comes out as RC on DVDs, handed to the developers just after or during WWDC 2009.
Because obviously, thereafter, it will make no much sense to develop any else than 64bit apps for Macs.
…Well, at least in my logic… ;/

It’s been ‘possible’ to do a 64bit Blender for mac for a while now, however as mentioned the problem is that involves rewriting a lot of code to use the Cocoa API rather than Carbon (which is what Blender/GHOST uses at the moment). There’s been an attempt to do it, I don’t know how far it got. The main thing holding it back is a lack of developers with the skills, time, and inclination to do it.

It’s definitely not going to be in 2.49 - with luck we might get it in 2.5 but so far there are no clear signs of progress.

Hi Broken,

Are all the new developments for 2.5 using Cocoa? Like the new GUI? I wouldn’t make much sense to use all-new multiplatform libraries that are not cocoa compatible on the mac… right? Please say yes… pretty please. :slight_smile:

I had some problems with the current RCs, the 64bit versions at least. Anyway, I sorted my problems and they now work.

I submitted the problems to the bug tracker and the bloke who was dealing with the problem told me that the latest 64bit versions are made using Windows 7.

Why would they be doing this now as Windows 7 isn’t fully finished?

fahr: the new GUI is entirely part of blender, it’s not an external library. The only (well pretty much) platform-specific code is in GHOST, the library that handles getting events from the host OS, opening openGL windows, really low level stuff. This is still in carbon and hasn’t changed much between 2.4* and 2.5, and its this that still needs to be made cocoa.