Blender 2.49v UV Mapping Video Tutorial

It’s at:

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to unwrap a globe into two hemispheres. This tutorial is based on the UV Map Basics Tutorial, in the Blender 3D: Noob To Pro wikibook, at The URL is in the Youtube notes, as well as at, the Web site for my tutorials.

Why do we need this tutorial? The reason: UV Mapping was introduced way back in Blender 2.34 and has been extensively rewritten since then. The user interface, and many terms, have changed over time. As examples, UV Face Select mode disappeared in Blender 2.46, and the term LSCM (Least Squares Conformal Mapping) was used up until then. Now LSCM is simply called Unwrap. Many unwrapping tutorials were based on earlier versions. If you try to follow along in the current version, 2.49b, you can get confused. Hopefully, this video will help to show the steps to successful UV Unwrapping in the version most of us use.

It’s always good to see people putting efforts on help material. Blender 2.5 will be greatly benefited by this kind of efforts.

Keep it up!

Sweet tutorial, Ira you do great work! I’ve struggled to understand UV mapping from the books I own, this tutorial made it simple an clear, thanks! One small thing I noticed, the link (on YouTube) to the wiki (for the image) has a ‘.’ at the end of it such that the link doesn’t connect direct.