Blender 2.4a bones running very slow??

Hi, I"m trying out 2.4a(2) I have a low poly char that I’ve boned with a simple rig. When I parent the mesh to the armature and then go into pose mode, I can rotate the bones but it takes FOREVER.

I have sub D set at one, and also turned off for the display but it makes no difference. The responce time for posing is so slow that it is un-usable. I didn’t have this problem with the same model in 3.7a.

I thought 2.4 with a complete animation re-write was suppose to work even faster. But for some reason it’s much slower on my system.

Any ideas? Could it be some setting I’ve overlooked? A bug? Are other people experiencing the same thing?

I have a p4 2.4 meg, 1 gig ram, 128 m g-force video. Thanks…

2.40 has a COMPLTELY NEW armature system, consider rebuilding the armature from scratch [and play with the new features first]

in older [and much older… the feature was not there for a couple years] versions the automatic skinning based on the relative locations of the bones was very slow. Did you manually create vertex groups for this mesh?

I haven’t played with the new armatures enough to be entirely sure about the above though… please let us know what you find

Thanks for the responce,

I found the problem… I was parenting the armature to the mesh with Ctrl-P. When I did this the posing was super slow. But then I noticed in the Modifiers Tab you can add an armature there. So I did that without parenting the mesh to the armature. Now it works like expected, although still seems a little slow, but it is functional.

I also noticed my char mesh is 59,737 verts. in size before I add a Subsurf modifier. When I add the modifier with the lowest settings it jumps to 196,060 verts, even if I have the display and render settings turned off. This also effects the speed of the posing.