[blender 2.5.1] - Closing Beziers as a surface [resolved]

Hi, i’ve tested 2.5.1, which is really great, but i can’t find how to close a beziers shape as a surface (which i am able to do in 2.49) (like this : http://blender.doc.fr.free.fr/BlenderManual2.4_fr/PartM/curves_surfaces/gfx/Logo9.png)

I’m adding a Beziers curve -> Addind more node -> then close the shape with C

But this shape is not solid and if hit F key, i have an error : “can’t make segment”

I’m i missing something or is this a feature that will be added later?

thanks for your help.

maybe i missed something in blender 2.49,
but as far as i can,
i always had to convert the bezier-curve into a mesh,
then (if it was a closed bezier -> mesh) doing a
“beauty fill” did fill it.
Btw. the same procedure is used to create bottles, drink-glass and
so on, first a bezier-curve - this converted to mesh - this mesh rotated around
… etc.pp.


Seems that in 2.5 the default Curve type is 3D if you change it
to 2D in the curves panel you should have a filled curve following
using C to close the bezier.

Hope this helps?

Kindest Regards,


thanks test-dr & pixeltwist.

@pixeltwist, this is it… perfect, i switched my curve to 2D and it worked perfectly. thanks a lot.

If you go to the button that looks like a vector line and points:
Properties>Object Data>“Click”-‘2D’

that should fill your curve