Blender 2.5.3 Beta render issues

Hi all,

Quick problem - probably with a simple solution that I should have seen :wink:

I’ve designed a simple/smallish scene, but when I render the scene, only certain meshes are visible. I’ve played with the lighting and shining strong lights right onto the meshes has no effect. The meshes are all using the same instance of a material too, so I don’t see how it could be that.

Is there a simple camera setting I’ve missed or something? Any ideas are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


there are 2 likely reasons.

  1. The objects are set not to render (through the outliner)
  2. They have dupliverts/duplifaces turned on, or have particle systems without “render emitter” turned on.

Thanks spacetug, but I’ve checked, all objects are set to render, and none of them have particle systems or dupliverts/faces. They are, however, mostly duplicates from 3 original objects, transformed and rotated as necessary. Could it be related to this?