Blender 2.5-A2 download link unresponsive?

The download link for Blender 2.5 Alpha-2, OS/X 32-bit, repeatedly times out.

Any ideas?

The link that I am using is:

You talk about 32-bit but link you posted is to 64-bit ???
For me all links are working well. Maybe your browser does not allow redirecting if so there is info and direct link under word “here” and here are direct links :
32-bit .
Don’t forget about with latest builds. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about redirecting, but neither Firefox nor Safari understood; both of them said, “request timed out.” (And of course, “I am the ruler of my domain.” :spin:)

I am quite thoroughly confused. :spin: These links don’t work either!

… connecting to


It’s nothing wrong with links. Previously Ubuntu/Firefox, now WinXP/Opera and links works well.
It must be something on your side, maybe security restrictions?
Try graphicall.

I found a link that worked … the German one, I think.

Anyhow, then I plugged-in Blender 2.5-A2 for … the … very … first … time …

… on … a … twenty- … four … inch … gamma- … correct … screen …

… and-d-d-d-d …

Heh. I just couldn’t help it. :slight_smile: That clip-art was just perfect.

And the product, well, “it’s just stunning” doesn’t even come close. So, I’ll let the picture do the talking.